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About Equus

The Equus brand was founded over 30 years ago in a family run business which was both a fabric printing and a women’s wear wholesale operation.  Each department of the business was leveraged and over the years they developed their expertise together. Within the stable of brands of the women’s wear division Equus was developed to cater for leisure items that appealed to a mature customer who valued clothing that offered comfort and attention to detail.  In the 90’s it was decided to focus on the fastest growing label Equus only.  It was then that the fabrics ‘Jap Rib’, ‘1x1 Rib’, ‘Plain and Stripes’ became the foundation of growth for the future and became known as the signature fabrics of Equus. 

In 2005 Breakaway Apparel integrated Equus into its business.  The brand fitted well within the existing brand portfolio of Breakaway, with similar values and customer profile.  We continued to produce the key lines that had been the foundation of the success of the Equus ranges.  As the years went by the brand naturally evolved and customer feedback stimulated the design team to explore new opportunities and expand on the success of the casual lifestyle segment.

We now produce a comprehensive range of colour inspired coordinated items that are designed to appeal, comfortable to wear and offer point of difference with innovative applications of trims and prints.  We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and understanding how to design garments to suit a modern lifestyle.  We look forward to continue to excite and delight you with our new season range.



Breakaway Apparel Pty. Ltd. is a division of the PAS Group.